GelSight Svelte

a sensor: finger-shaped, large & curved, tactile & proprioceptive sensing,  w/ only one camera

(IROS 23, best paper award finalist)

a hand: 3-finger, 2-DoF, pinch & lateral & power grasps, tactile & proprioceptive sensing (RoboTac 23)

GelSight Svelte uses only one camera (Pi Camera, ~USD $20) to capture tactile and proprioceptive signals on a humanoid robot finger. Mirrors are designed to achieve this goal.

The flexible backbone helps us to estimate the total torques acting on the finger. They are estimated from the small LED movements with a CNN.

The unique shape of GelSight Svelte enables new hand configurations.

GelSight Svelte Hand is a 3-finger, 2-DoF robotic hand that is able to perform pinch grasps, power grasps, and lateral grasps.

Three grasping modes, tactile & proprioceptive sensing capabilities

enables new manipulation methods that are precise, adaptive, and versatile.

Please check out our papers for more information.

GelSight Svelte: A Human Finger-shaped Single-camera Tactile Robot Finger with Large Sensing Coverage and Proprioceptive Sensing

Jialiang Zhao and Edward H. Adelson

IROS 2023

Best Paper Award Finalist


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GelSight Svelte Hand: A Three-finger, Two-DoF, Tactile-rich, Low-cost Robot Hand for Dexterous Manipulation

Jialiang Zhao and Edward H. Adelson

IROS - RoboTac 2023


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